IMOTION platform released in beta version

The IMOTION platform is now ready in beta-version.

We invite you to publish the announcement of your staff training on the platform.

It is free of charge, it takes few minutes and it will help you achieving a better promotion of your event.

In order to do so please follow the instructions below:

1) Create your own personal account at:

This is useful as the portal is open also to individual users who are interested in applying for job shadowing or being speakers/trainers at staff training events.

Once received your request, we will check it and activate your account.

2) Once your account is activated, you can add your own staff week at:

You will be able to publish the basic information of your event, but also to upload pictures, videos and any other material to make it more attractive.

As the platform is still in beta-version, we really appreciate your feedback,  as based on that, until September we will modify and improve the platform.

After September the platform will be available in its final format.

You can easily provide us your feedback going to:

We hope that this initiative would be of your interest and useful for you.

We are looking forward to you joining us and improving the IMOTION portal!