14th INTERNATIONAL STAFF TRAINING WEEK in Nysa: "Artificial Intelligence at the Universities – a boon or a bane?"

Hosting Higher Education Institution:
University of Applied Sciences in Nysa
Institution website:
Monday, 20 May, 2024 to Friday, 24 May, 2024
Registration fee:
100 EUR for non PARTNERS
Fee reductions/waivers:
Free for ERASMUS+ Partner`s institutions according to the partner`s map
Maximum number of participants:
Deadline for applying:
Sunday, 31 March, 2024
Accommodation not provided
Contact person details:
Obrońców Tobruku 5, Street; room 2 C ; 48-300 Nysa, Poland tel.: +48 77 409 16 87
e-mail: international@pans.nysa.pl


"Artificial Intelligence at the Universities – a boon or a bane?"

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly evolved over the past few decades, transforming various sectors and industries, including education. The integration of AI technologies within universities has sparked a debate regarding whether it is a boon or a bane? This  debate hinges on the potential benefits and drawbacks associated with AI's presence in higher education settings. The key lies in how universities adopt and integrate AI technologies responsibly, ensuring that the benefits are maximized while addressing potential drawbacks. Striking a balance between leveraging AI's capabilities and maintaining the core principles of education is essential to ensure a positive transformation of higher education in the AI era.

The general objective of the Erasmus+ Programme is to support, through lifelong learning, the educational, professional and personal development of people in education and training. During the International Staff Training Week 2024, 20-24.05.2023 participants will share their individual experiences of using artificial intelligence for self-development, university work, projects organisation and the teaching process. The issue will be discussed from different perspectives: lecturers, researches, technicians, administrative staff and students raising concerns about threats that it may also pose to Universities management processes.

Thematic content:

  1. AI Advancements and applications
  2. Enhancing learning and support systems
  3. Security, ethical and social implications of AI in education
  4. Showcasing Innovations and best practices
  5. Future perspectives and collaborations

The general objectives of the 14th ISTW:

  • to share information and best practices on the cooperation within the Erasmus + Programme
  • to participate in the thematic sessions and workshops according to the current programme
  • to encourage other partner institutions, Erasmus+ students at the UAS in Nysa and polish students to study at partner universities represented at the ISTW
  • to meet people from your area of expertise at the UAS in Nysa or partner institutions and to discuss the existing cooperation, share 'best practices' as well as to share upcoming events information among the participants
  • to extend international networks and benefits from the planned Erasmus+ Programme
  • to practice specific and advanced personal and organisational skills in terms of logistics, contents and communication with AI usage

Additional activities during the event:

  • Lectures for the students of UAS Nysa and polish students (after prior acknowledgement)
  • Meetings with the Departments and ICO (on request)
  • Guided tour through Nysa wanders
  • Nysa Fortress Outdor Party

Registration deadline: 28.02.2023 

(Limited number of participants from each country/university in order to keep diversity)

Payment deadline: 31.03.2023

Fee for participants from other then partner countries: 100 Euro 

(according to the partner`s map on the university website: https://pans.nysa.pl/org/ico)

Fee includes: training programme coffee breaks, lunches, cultural activities, promotional packages, certificates.

The fee is not refundable.

APPLICATION ON-LINE:  https://tinyurl.com/ISTW-23-Application-Form

Detailed schedule: to be announced by 15.12.2023

Questions: e-mail: international@pans.nysa.pl