5 days Spanish Course in Tenerife

Hosting Higher Education Institution:
Tenerife Job Training
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Monday, 29 May, 2023 to Friday, 2 June, 2023
Registration fee:
Maximum number of participants:
Deadline for applying:
Monday, 15 May, 2023
Accommodation not provided
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Upcoming dates 2023:  22/05, 29/05, 26/06, 17/07, 24/07, 04/09, 02/10, 20/11, 04/12

Upcoming dates 2024: 15/01, 05/02

This five days Spanish course is suitable for teachers and staff of educational institutions who are non-native Spanish speakers and would like to improve the knowledge of the Spanish language and the Canary Islands Culture.

Objectives: To improve the Spanish communication skills in educational, social and vocational context. The practical approach to the course make it very attractive.

Total course hours:

20 hours per week

Level: Spanish A0 – B2

Each participant should indicate her/his spanish level by email before apply to the Spanish teacher can organize the teaching materials and lessons. 

  • Content and Methodology :

This course involves small group teaching, allowing concentrated, through study of Spanish, and developing listening, speaking, reading and writing it along with PRACTICAL OUTDOOR activities to put in practice the skills accuired during the language course.

Classes are offered at 5 levels from Elementary to Advanced.

  • Course Topics:

Listening skills will be practised extensively, using a variety of activities and tasks, to enable students to be able to process the information and become more confident in this skill.

Speaking will be an integral part of lessons. Students are given the opportunity to express their ideas in a relaxed classroom atmosphere, by use of a range of activities to encourage communication.

A variety of reading activities is used to encourage the various reading skills that are needed to read effectively.

Writing will be practised to develop accuracy.

Grammar for effective communication will be presented and practised at all levels.

Vocabulary is a key element in learning a foreign language. Various activities to encourage the acquisition of vocabulary are an integral part of the course.


Teachers from the same school travelling together for the same course dates are welcome.

Please contact us if your school has specific training needs and we'll design a programme for you.



*UPCOMING DATES AND AVAILABLE SPOTS: info@tenerifejobtraining.com 


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