Approach to GRAPHOLOGY

Hosting Higher Education Institution:
Poliarte - Politecnico delle Arti of Ancona
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Monday, 10 July, 2023 to Friday, 14 July, 2023
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€ 480,00
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Deadline for applying:
Sunday, 4 June, 2023
Accommodation not provided
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The course is aimed to present, in a simple but reasoned and scientifically supported way, the graphological discipline to those (such as teachers, professional educators, tutors etc.) who deal with young people: from their handwritings they can derive solicitations and indications - possibly to be explored with the help of an expert - useful for a more profitable relationship management and a better understanding of their cognitive and behavioral dynamics.

It has to be clear that this course is not intended to qualify for the profession of graphologist, but it is an opportunity to discover the potential of the graphological tool and to become aware of what handwriting reveals.

The course is structured in modules, in order to approach in a  progressive way to the subject, with a focus on the application of graphology  in various fields, such as the analysis of performance and/or socialisation  problems in the learning environment,  the identification of aptitudes for studies and work, the vocational guidance and career advice, etc.


The course is aimed to give participants the opportunity

1. to get a broad and correctly argued view of the graphological discipline and its application, in particular those concerning young people, their needs, their discomforts, their needs for orientation to study, work, life.

2. to learn to look at handwriting as a communication tool beyond the written content.

3. to identify elements for a better management of the relationship with young people

4. to detect the possible presence of some aspects of handwriting that can represent warning signals, thus drawing attention  to the needs of the individual.

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