CLIL-Approaches, Mathodology & Best Practice

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Swan Training Institute
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Monday, 22 April, 2024 to Friday, 3 May, 2024
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Deadline for applying:
Friday, 15 March, 2024
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Kristina Vaughan
Director of Studies
Swan Training Institute

This CLIL programme considers the principles of teaching using a CLIL approach while improving communication skills in English in the classroom. The course includes the exploration of the potential of an inquiry-based project-work approach to CLIL through practical ideas for-classroom management, lesson planning, ICT and materials development Throughout the programme, there is an exchange of ideas and teaching materials with teachers from schools from different European countries. Strategies to improve ICT methods and approaches in the classroom are also examined.

The methodology on the course integrates the presentation of new concepts with elements encouraging participants to reflect and participate as they construct their own ideas of how to integrate CLIL into their teaching practice. The course builds on a broad overview of CLIL and its theoretical origins, and provides participants with a wide range of practical classroom activities and approaches. The course uses portfolio based assessment which provides participants a useful body of work to use afterwards. 

Topics include: CLIL methodology, language focus, subject based authentic materials, material development and peer to peer practical sessions.

Courses can also be adapted to the needs of a specific group and the start and end dates of each course are flexible.

Please note there is a minimum of 6 participants required for the course to commence.

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