“CREATIVE MARKETING: A deep and immersive journey throughout this fascinating discipline” (SMK ERASMUS COURSE 2023)

Hosting Higher Education Institution:
SMK University of Applied Sciences
Institution website:
Tuesday, 20 June, 2023 to Friday, 23 June, 2023
Registration fee:
390,00 Eur.
Maximum number of participants:
Deadline for applying:
Friday, 9 June, 2023
Accommodation not provided
Contact person details:
Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Erasmus+ institutional coordinator Donata Dulke, donata.dulke@smk.lt


SMK ERASMUS COURSE  2023 “CREATIVE MARKETING: A deep and immersive journey throughout this fascinating discipline”, Vilnius, Lithuania


It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the Erasmus + Training Course at SMK University of Applied Sciences. The event will be held from the 20th to 23rd of June 2023 and it is designed for staff members interested in Creative Marketing topics.


The program will consist of the following topics:

THEORETICAL CONTEXT (Fundamentals of Marketing presented from an innovative perspective)

REAL MARKETING EXPERIENCES (Case studies illustrating current trends in the marketing field)


DIDACTICAL TECHNIQUES (Design Thinking, De Bono Technique, Appreciative Inquiry…)

REMARKABLE OUTCOMES (Learning results that are valuable not only in the marketing field but also in other disciplines and for  daily life.)



Participation fee - 390 Euros to cover lectures, training material, meals, coffee breaks as well as social programme costs. Participation in the course can be funded by Erasmus+ Staff Training grants provided by the home University of a participant. We invite participants to check the availability of such funding with their home institution. 

Please register here: https://forms.gle/6eoKfMJ6GyE9Wjyy5

We look forward to having you in Vilnius!

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