Foreign Languages with the Jagiellonian Language Centre

Hosting Higher Education Institution:
Jagiellonian Language Centre, Jagiellonian University
Institution website:
Monday, 13 July, 2020 to Friday, 17 July, 2020
Registration fee:
€200 (25 teaching hours) €160 (20 teaching hours)
Maximum number of participants:
Deadline for applying:
Thursday, 30 April, 2020
Accommodation not provided
Contact person details:
Alicja Waligóra-Zblewska (Ms)

Jagiellonian University’s Language Centre (JCJ) offers a programme of language training designed for academic staff – both teaching and non-teaching. Participants from the European Union’s partner institutions as well as those from outside of Europe involved in the KA107 Erasmus+ Programme are welcome to take part. Participants are expected to obtain Erasmus+ Staff Mobility grants from their home institutions to cover their accommodation, living and travel expenses.

The training is scheduled for five consecutive days from 13-17 July 2020. The courses are designed for 20 or 25 hours. Most courses will run in the morning from 9:00-12:15.

Cost of attendance

The fee is:

  • €200 for a 25-hour course
  • €160 for a 20-hour course.

All participants are expected to register for the event and cover the cost of attending (travel, accommodation and food). The organisers will offer some cultural and social elements for additional fees. Information about extra events will be available after the registration has closed.


The courses are intended for participants at different levels of proficiency (see course descriptions in the attachements).


  • B1/B2 Put your feet up and refresh your English
  • B2 English for Academics
  • B2 Business English
  • B2 English for job hunting, work and travel 
  • B2  It’s so interesting! Let’s talk about it
  • B2/C1 Let’s discuss science 
  • B2/C1 English for the Uniformed Forces 
  • B2/C1 English for Psychology 
  • B2/C1 Reading Addicts Unite! 
  • B2/C1 Legal English



  • A1 Introduction to Esperanto language and culture



  • B1/B2 Magical Cracow … en francais 



  • A1 Start in Deutsch
  • A2/B1 Deutsch im Büro



  • A1 Greek for absolute beginners … en francais 



  • A2 Italian for tourists



  • A1 Polish for absolute beginners – survival kit



  • A1 Russian for absolute beginners
  • B2 Russian for Academic Purposes



The courses will be run by competent and qualified teachers who specialise in the teaching of specialist language at the various faculties of the Jagiellonian University.



Please register by filling in the form and returning it by 30 April 2020 at: After you have submitted the registration form, you will receive information concerning the payment. The deadline for payment is 30 May. We will only accept those candidates who have paid the fee in a timely manner.




The programme, times and locations

Detailed information about the courses, times and locations as well as about extra activities will be published after the registration has closed.


Staff Training Week Coordinator:

Ms Alicja Waligóra-Zblewska, Director of the Jagiellonian Language Centre


Practical information

Information about Kraków (where to stay, where to eat, what to see)


Please note that your name and affiliation will be printed on your badge.


You might want to visit JCJ website to read about this year’s event at:


Information about another staff week event organised by the Jagiellonian University's Language Centre - a conference for foreign language teachers - is available here:

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english_b2_english_for_academics.pdf (440.01 KB)Download
english_b2_english_for_job_hunting_work_and_travel.pdf (441.79 KB)Download
english_b2-c1_english_for_psychology.pdf (466.49 KB)Download
english_b2-c1_english_for_the_uniformed_forces.pdf (441.56 KB)Download
english_b2-c1_legal_english.pdf (443.54 KB)Download
english_b2-c1_lets_discuss_science.pdf (441 KB)Download
english_b2-c1_reading_addicts_unite.pdf (441.62 KB)Download
esperanto_a1_introduction_to_esperanto_language_and_culture.pdf (439.02 KB)Download
french_b1-b2_magical_cracow_._en_francais.pdf (468.13 KB)Download
german_a1_start_in_deutsch.pdf (464.56 KB)Download
german_a2-b1_deutsch_im_buro.pdf (467.69 KB)Download
italian_a2_italian_for_tourists.pdf (439.83 KB)Download
russian_a1_russian_for_absolute_beginners.pdf (465.12 KB)Download
russian_b2_russian_for_academic_purposes.pdf (362.59 KB)Download
english_b2_its_so_interesting_lets_talk_about_it.pdf (440.97 KB)Download
polish_a1_polish_-_survival_kit.pdf (465.37 KB)Download
greek_a1_greek_for_absolute_beginners._en_francais.pdf (467.07 KB)Download