Innovation and Global Engagement in Doctoral Education

Hosting Higher Education Institution:
University of Aveiro
Institution website:
Wednesday, 25 March, 2020 to Friday, 27 March, 2020
Registration fee:
€150,00 (daily lunch / dinner on 27th / study visit / materials)
Maximum number of participants:
Deadline for applying:
Friday, 31 January, 2020
Accommodation not provided
Contact person details:
Niall Power,


Considering the growing importance of research and knowledge in modern societies and the crucial role that higher education institutions play in research training as well the need to address the new challenges arising from increasingly competitive and demanding international markets, universities have established their own structures to organize and coordinate doctoral programs, including the establishment of research and doctoral schools.

Innovation and Global Engagement in Doctoral Education takes a pragmatic approach to training on two topics: 1) the management and administration of PhD studies; 2) innovation and global engagement.

General Programme

The programme comprises of intensive sessions held over three days at the University of Aveiro Campus on the Atlantic coast of Portugal, close to the sea. In addition, given the ever-growing importance of regional cooperation, which will be one important focus of the training, company visits are also an important part of the programme.

Topics for training and group challenges

1- Management and Administration of PhD studies

Funding for PhD programmes and mobility • Careers and employment support • Admissions policies and practices • Doctoral student and supervisor relations • Research and Publishing

2-  Innovation and Global Engagement in PhD Development

Joint Doctorates / The European PhD • International Development of Doctoral Schools • Transversal competence development • Cooperation of PhD students with business / industry / regions • Mobility and international cooperation • Challenge-Based Learning and Research.


The learning methodology is based on sharing the experiences among participants and comparing solutions with regard to the institutional organization and development of PhD studies. The first two days of the training involve highly interactive workshops in which small working groups are given a challenge to solve as a team, with the solutions presented at the end of the working day. To set the tone and theme for the group work, each day there will be an address by a guest keynote speaker with relevant experience and expertise in their respective field. The third day of the training is dedicated to visits to the region, to discuss with large and small companies the relative importance of doctoral level studies and to listen to the viewpoint of business and industry on the topic.


Postgraduate Admissions Officers, Postgraduate Support Staff, Doctoral School Officers, Career Support Staff for PhD students, Technical Assistance Officers for Research, PhD Trainers, PhD Supervisors, Euraxess Service Centres, Academic management and administration staff, Recruitment officers, Human Resources specialists in the field of higher education and research.





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