Tenerife, Back to Nature & Mental Welfare

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Tenerife Job Training
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Monday, 3 June, 2024 to Thursday, 6 June, 2024
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Monday, 20 May, 2024
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Upcoming dates 2024: 04/03, 29/04, 3/06, 24/06, 1/07, 28/10, 25/11


The aim of this course is to enhance connectivity with nature through engagement with hiking in Tenerife’s natural environments. In doing so, it will also optimise opportunities for course participants to (i) enhance mental health and wellbeing; (ii) support mindfulness; and (iii) help build resilience, self-esteem and confidence. Hiking is both dependent and connected to nature, as an opportunity to both connect us with the health of our bodies and the natural world. The course will explore ways that hiking can exist in harmony with nature and support a greener future and economy for Tenerife. Our mental health, self-confidence and employability can be boost by participation in nature projects.

The biological diversity of our active volcanic island, vineyards, microclimate changes, Canary Laurel forest from the Tertiary Period and black sand coastland, a magical place to connect your mind and body and restart. This mini continent of Tenerife offers 1.500km of certified trails and 47% of the territory are protected areas.

The course will use hiking as a tool to promote environmental awareness and proactively address the broader environmental challenges. The course will explore how hiking’s close and intimate relationship with nature can be optimised and leveraged sustainably, whilst also supporting and advocating nature-based work in local communities throughout Tenerife.


1. Understand the importance of preserving and protecting Tenerife’s natural environments.

2. Develop an appreciation for the natural beauty and diversity found in different hiking locations in Tenerife.

3. Understand the physical and mental health benefits of spending time in nature.

4. Develop teamwork and communication skills through group hiking activities.

5. The course will encourage participants to promote greater environmental

responsibility, reduce their overall climate impact, educate society for enhanced

climate action, and promote sustainable and responsible consumption in Tenerife.

6. The course will culminate in the co-creation of ideas to help activate, inform, inspire and support their organisations to become nature positive.


This training course is design for any member of an educational organisation: trainers, school management, administration staff, school/university teachers, marketing advisors, Erasmus+ Project Managers, International Offices staff, etc.

To those educational professionals who care about putting nature in context amid the triple planetary crisis of three interconnected crises. These are (i) climate change; (ii) pollution and (iii) biodiversity loss, which combined put humans at risk of irreversibly changing our relationship with the natural world.


This course consists of 4 days outdoors practical activities starting on Monday.

A minimum of 6 participants required, maximum 8.

550€ + 7% tax (per person)

The price includes:

Welcome info-pack, teaching material, professional tour leader, transportation, visits and Certificates of Attendance. 

Good to know:

*This course is based in south Tenerife, departing point for every day experience will be our office, located in Calle Montaña Clara 5, local 4. 38679. Fañabé.

**We recommend this course to participants in good physical conditions to be ready to hike distances between 7 Km to 12 Km per day.


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