TUAS Excellence Week of Circular Economy, Digitalization and Entrepreneurship April 4.-8.4.2016

Hosting Higher Education Institution:
Turku University of Applied Sciences
Institution website:
Monday, 4 April, 2016 to Friday, 8 April, 2016
Deadline for applying:
Monday, 29 February, 2016
Accommodation not provided
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TUAS is hosting an amazing International Excellence Week in April 4.-8. and we want you to join us!

The week will offer you a one of a kind experience to teach in a different environment. You will exchange information and network with our teachers, staff and R&D-experts. Main focus areas are as presented: Digitalization, Entrepreneurship and Circular Economy.

Digitalization refers to developing of existing processes and creating new innovations utilizing the opportunities provided by digital tools and technologies. Digitalization is present everywhere and having the knowledge to harness it's strenghts can be the difference between future success and failure.

Entrepreneurship is an attitude valued by today's work environment. Our students learn this attitude and the skills needed for various learning environments, such as BusinessAcademies in Salo and Turku. Student owned co-ops design and implement tailor-made development projects to meet organizations' needs, from short assigments to large-scale and longer undertakings.

Circular Economy is a leading force inĀ research groups of Chemical and Materials Engineering. The aim of the groups is to support and strengthen the company's competence in solutions on sustainable development, resource efficiency and most importantly, circular economy. Most of our students practical training is in these research groups, utilizing laboratory facilities in chemical engineering with its pilot and analysis equipment to get a firm grasp of the future possibilities.

This week is targeted for the teachers, the non-teaching staff and RDI-experts.

Did we peak your interest? Want to know more? Find more information here but be quick!

Registration deadline is February 29th!


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