Embracing Mobility: For Those Who Move and Those Who Stay

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Freie Universität Berlin
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Monday, 10 June, 2024 to Friday, 14 June, 2024
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0 €
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Wednesday, 7 February, 2024
Accommodation not provided
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In case of questions, remarks, or other issues, please do not hesitate to contact the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Team.

Ms. Stefanie Ritter and Ms. Jasmina Eminic
Academic Relations
Kaiserswerther Str. 16-18
14195 Berlin

Email: erasmusstaff@international.fu-berlin.de

Are you a professional working in Communication and Marketing, Innovation Offices, International Offices, University Libraries, Strategy and Leadership or Welcome Services for Staff?

We are happy to invite you to participate in Freie Universität Berlin’s 12th International Staff Training Week, which will take place for five full days from June 10 to June 14, 2024.

Five units of Freie Universität Berlin’s central university administration, the Office of Communication and Marketing, Profund Innovation, the University Library, the Welcome Service within FUB's Personnel Division as well as the Office of International Affairs have created a total of six interactive programs to engage with colleagues from all over the world during the five-day event. The programs will allow enough time for sharing expertise, developing competences and peer learning as well as for networking, strengthening partnerships and socially interacting with colleagues from all tracks.


Embracing Mobility: For Those Who Move and Those Who Stay

We would like to start the conversation and exchange of ideas and good practice in the landscape of student and staff mobility.

For student mobility, a question stands out: How can we captivate students' attention to engage with the vast array of materials relevant to their academic journey, whether they are inbound or outbound? Or: How can we get students to actually READ everything we would like them to read? Have you discovered innovative platforms, communication methods, or tools that have effectively encouraged students to engage? We eagerly await your valuable contributions and experiences.

When welcoming incoming students, the challenge persists in supporting their integration into local communities. How can we stimulate their involvement, be it through volunteering, community engagement, or other avenues, possibly offering academic credits as an incentive? Share your successful initiatives and good practices that have effectively connected students to their new environments.

Additionally, let us explore how to provide captivating Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) formats to those unable to travel abroad. What formats can we offer to grant them a taste of international experiences while remaining at home? Your innovative ideas are essential in broadening opportunities for all students, regardless of physical mobility.

When it comes to staff mobility, some of the same challenges arise. Incoming staff that join our universities for a longer duration need support structures that help them not only settle on campus and in their respective working group or unit, but also in the city and country. Ensuring that they feel well supported will not only benefit their experience, but also promote the international reputation of our universities and ultimately lead to enhancement of partnerships and collaboration.

At the same time, our own staff - whether in research, teaching or administration - should be supported in developing their intercultural skills and gaining international experience. What initiatives have you developed to promote the linguistic and intercultural skills of your staff? How can we support staff in gaining valuable international and intercultural experience?

Join us in this exchange of ideas and practices, where together, we can cultivate an inclusive and enriching environment for everyone involved in the student and staff mobility.



If you are interested in participating in one of the tracks, we invite you to fill in the online application form on our website. The deadline for applications is February 5, 2024. The selection will be made on the basis of the information provided in the application form and the results will be emailed to all applicants in early March 2024. Please do not make travel arrangements before your participation is confirmed.



The language of the Staff Training Week is English, so fluency in English (speaking, listening, reading, writing) is required.


Please have a look at the attached draft program and get in touch with us in case of questions. The draft programs will be updated after the selection phase ended to also include input and good practice from participants. 

fub_staff_week_2024_program_mobility.pdf (510.29 KB)Download