Mastering the Circular Economy

Hosting Higher Education Institution:
European Institute for Academic and Professional Development
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Monday, 3 June, 2024 to Friday, 7 June, 2024
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Deadline for applying:
Wednesday, 1 May, 2024
Accommodation not provided
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Dr. Jan Schmidt
+49 173 665 94 26

Mastering the Circular Economy

Start your circular journey today! The Circular Economy is based on the concept of circular value creation, a truly circular economy where waste is minimized, products are used for longer and resources are reused in closed loops.

Participants will learn how the circular economy is the foundation for a more sustainable future. Together we examine resources and current production routes, explore material alternatives and the impact on quality, durability and material flows. We learn about the so-called R-principles and apply them to find out how e.g. industry can increase their added value and be even more responsive to their customers' needs.


Whom does it adress?

● Scientists

● (sustainability)project leaders

● Emerging leaders

● Sustainability advocates

After the course you will be able to convey ...

● Comprehensive understanding of resources, circular economy fundamentals, value creation and sustainable business practices

● Circular design principles and strategies and be able to reframe ‘waste’ as ‘valuable’ material.

● Circular economy knowledge as career advantage in today's job market


The training is application-orientated, highly interactive, with compact theoretical input. We utilize:

● Game-based elements

● Concrete exercises

● Reflections

● And work

… in (small) groups

… on your own questions and examples

Destination: Aalen/Germany 

Visit the picturesque city of Aalen in the south of Germany. Close to many bigger cities like Stuttgart and Nuremberg with their infrastructure and universities!


We will help you to find a suitable (and affordable) accomodation!

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