PhD Bootcamp

Hosting Higher Education Institution:
European Institute of Academic and Professional Development
Institution website:
Monday, 8 July, 2024 to Friday, 12 July, 2024
Registration fee:
495 + VAT
Deadline for applying:
Saturday, 1 June, 2024
Accommodation not provided
Contact person details:
Dr. Jan Schmidt
+49 173 665 94 26

PhD Bootcamp


Of course you want to complete your PhD successfully! The challenge is that you've never done it before and once you know how it works - it's over. Join the PhD Bootcamp to be best prepared for your PhD journey. All relevant topics are covered: Project Management, Good Scientific Practice, Presentation and Communication Skills and finally Career Planning. There will also be time to discuss additional topics, answer your questions and network with other PhD students. Your all-in-one package!This course is also available online. (15 till 17 April 2024)


Whom does it address?

Doctoral candidates from all areas preferrably in their first (or second) year.

Overall objectives of the mobility:

Acquire basic skills to develop your own research topic in a structured way.

  • Learn how to structure and plan a scientific project.
  • Gain insights into rules of Good Scientific Practice and connect them to your own research work.
  • Work on the basics of successful communication and relate them to presentations and meetings with your supervisor.
  • Gain knowledge of techniques and tools for your own targeted career planning.

Expected outcome: 

The aim of the workshop is to support PhD-candidates to approach their PhD in a structured and focussed manner. Therefore after the workshop they will be able to: 

  • Plan the whole span of their PhD and learn techniques to react to changes. 
  • Communicate clearly and focussed with their supervisors. As presenters they know how to adapt to different target groups.
  • Apply rules of Good Scientific Practice to their work as junior researcher.
  • Plan their further career according to they personal strentghs, weaknesses, aims and values.
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